Case Study: JJ (Stockport)

JJ had a Statement of Educational Needs written in 2005, which had been regularly updated, advising of moderate learning difficulties, Dyslexia and significant behaviour. A Learning Disability Assessment was completed at Year 11.

He attended school until 2014 for pupils with significant and complex needs.

JJ’s barriers identified at school included poor recognition of boundaries, low focus, confrontational behaviour towards others when asked to do something, poor fine motor skills, low concentration, poor organisational skills and support with tasks by breaking them down into manageable chunks.

JJ then attended a study programme with a local provider followed by a few weeks casual work in a fashion shop.  He was referred to the ESF NEET programme through a Careers & Education Advice Worker as  he was long term NEET  and had poor levels of engagement with services.  

JJ also had some challenges is his personal life and spent time between his home address and with an out of area family member.  JJ was known to services for a number of years due to family dynamics.  JJ advised he was working with health professionals and was in the early stages of discussing a potential sex change. JJ who was born a female, requested he be referred to by a male name and was open to discussions around his feelings and reasons for his decisions.

JJ at the time of sign up was in a relationship with a female who was also NEET and experiencing many elements of dysfunction in her life. She was living with JJ on and off in his family home.  JJ discussed his use of cannabis and the acceptance of this within the family home.

Once JJ was referred to the programme, numerous calls and home visits were attempted to engage him. A visit was arranged away from the family home which initiated re engagement.  This was supported with a travel ticket, which was offered to support travel to and from sessions and appointments.

Providing the travel ticket proved a positive incentive and JJ then attended timetabled workshops including GOALS programme, applications, interview workshops, job search sessions. 1:1 appointments with workers were also attended where JJ received support and guidance to complete a CV, explore and apply to opportunities and to complete applications.

JJ’s action plan identified that employment in a practical role was his goal. Improving confidence, coping skills and demonstrating appropriate behaviours were areas identified by JJ as needing development.

Initially in group workshops JJ was easily distracted and could demonstrate disruptive physical and verbal behaviour. This was addressed by advising JJ before the start of session of the expectations regarding behaviour and participation in group situations, including appropriate language, structured break times, respecting other attendees while promoting and praising positive behaviour demonstrated at times throughout session.

Attending the programme provided JJ with structure and knowledge of the available opportunities along with advice on other matters in his life.

The GOALS programme appeared to be a very positive workshop with JJ offering opinions, listening to others, positive interaction with other attendees. This appeared to be a turning point for JJ after 3 consistent days of training with clear boundaries and expectations.

JJ gained a work trial with Morrison’s in their warehouse and completed 2 weeks. JJ gained valuable work experience from this placement and opened his ideas to gaining training rather than just employment. JJ recognised that potentially he needs to develop further employability and basic skills prior to entering the world of work. JJ has clear ideas and expectations about how he can expect to be spoken to and how he should speak to others.

JJ has recently completed assessments in Maths and English as part of the programme to gain an accurate picture of his current levels. JJ was keen to undertake the assessment and was pleased with his Entry Level 1 for Maths and Pre Entry result for English. Training opportunities appropriate to this level are now being explored with JJ and he is currently being supported to find out more about relevant training with the aim of progressing onto a Traineeship or Pre Apprenticeship programme.

Throughout the programme JJ benefited from positive relationships, this has developed as JJ now initiates contact between appointments. JJ recognises that impartial advice has been valuable and has evidently been empowered to make informed decisions, demonstrating an increased level of motivation, tolerance and focus.

Through accessing the programme JJ is now very open to discussing personal issues and barriers and welcomes advice and solutions to overcome potential barriers, often confirming his own views and thoughts for reassurance.

Through the support he has received JJ has a better knowledge and understanding regarding his career plans and recognises the steps he needs to take to achieve these aims.

He continues to meet regularly with healthcare professionals who are supporting him to make appropriate decisions regarding his gender

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