Case Study: Carl (Trafford)

Carl had not been in education since year 9 and had spent a significant amount of time in hospital due to his mental health issues (anxiety/depression). Carl was benefiting from mentor support at the Youth Offending Service and spoke to CAMHS (mainly around his medication).

Carl was referred to increase his confidence and provide him with a structured approach to participate in new experiences.  Carl also wanted to start college but had not been able to leave the house for many months. It was a real struggle for him to talk to new people or go to new places.

After lots of home visits Carl was confident in the relationship with his advisers. Carl started to meet with his adviser on a regular basis and agreed a plan to work on his goals.  After a number of meetings Carl was ready to try some of the activities that he had discussed, these included independent travel, planning his route and taking the Tram, theoretical thinking, cooking, college visiting, walks, badminton, climbing and engaging in new social situations.

Having the support of a dedicated adviser really helped Carl as he was able to progress at a pace that really suited him which meant he was able overcome some of his barriers. Carl said that participating on the programme helped him cope with his anxiety; he felt more independent and confident and in fact enrolled at college.

When Carl enrolled he wasn’t ready to enter the classroom however, he is continuing to visit college and has attended a meeting with the tutor as he is determined to overcome this huddle and start at college.

Carl’s Adviser – 'This young person’s progress has been extraordinary and I continue to try and help him face his fears and to engage better with other’s and  he is also now accessing more specialised agencies'

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