The Importance of Careers Advice

  • Are apprenticeship vacancies in the sectors young people actually want to work?  
  • Are young people being shoe-horned into vacancies they have no interest in?
  • Are young people equipped with the skills and confidence needed to make the right career choices?

According to an article in the TES, the online portal ‘GetMyFirstJob’, which has 270,000 prospective apprentices and trainees registered,  not only were huge numbers of young people frantically applying for vacancies they had never considered right for them, but there are worrying disparities in gender too: In Accountancy, 64% of applicants are male, while amongst those opportunities in Healthcare, Childcare and Dental Technicians – over 80% of the applicants are female.

David Allison, managing director of GetMyFirstJob,   “This is the missing piece in the skills jigsaw. If you don’t communicate about a profession effectively with young people, they will never want to do it…Why would a 16-year-old suddenly wake up, having never met an accountant, and want to be an accountant?” 

Read the full article here:

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