Self Assessment

What is Self Assessment?

Self assessment is the first step of the career planning process.

It is a way of gathering information about you in order to make an informed career decision.

Self assessment should include looking at the following areas:

  • Learning Styles
  • Qualifications
  • A review of your skills, abilities and interests
  • Online Career Assessments

The benefits of Self Assessment

Knowing yourself better can be a useful tool to support you in your job search and career planning or if you just want to increase your self-awareness. Assessing your actions, attitudes and performance can help you identify your learning styles, qualifications, interests, strengths/weaknesses and skills.

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Learning Styles  -  Knowing which learning style you prefer can help you decide what's the best type of course or training to suit your style of learning.

Qualifications - Being more aware of your own qualifications makes it easier to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have to employers. You might see equivalent qualifications on a job advert, and be able to show that your qualifications match the requirements.

It can also help you find out where to start if you want to take on new learning or training – for example, you could find that your previous qualifications or experience mean that you can start in the later stages of a course, rather than having to go in at entry level.

If you have no qualifications there are useful websites you can use to find out your academic level and for more information about gaining qualification can be found in Pathways section of the this site.

On Line Career Assessment- There are many computer programs and websites that can help you find out more about jobs and careers that may interest you and ones that can help you choose which one’s right for you. Kudos, Careerscape, Exodus (Careers Abroad)

CARRUS is a Career Management Toolkit designed to show individuals how to manage their careers and aspirations in the 21st century.

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