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The world of work is changing and a broad range of new jobs are being created locally and nationally. 

Career and job choice is all about you, and no-one can make the decision for you therefore when thinking about your future try to answer the following questions:

  • What interests me? (You may have hobbies you could turn into a career.)
  • What am I good at? (think about your strengths, skills, abilities, qualifications)
  • Who will I be working with? (Think about the work environment, people you would be working alongside)
  • What jobs and opportunities are currently available and what are the jobs of the future?
  • Where will I be working? (Think about whether the career you want is available locally or are you prepared to travel)
  • Will your chosen career require further study? (think about the length of study, your preferred learning styles)
  • When will I be working? (think about the work patterns e.g. shifts, evening, weekends)
  • Why is the job right for you? (find out about the main duties, entry requirements and career prospects) 

There are thousands of different careers out there but you may only have heard of a few.  Often people have difficulty choosing a career because they haven't even heard of the ones that would be an ideal match for them. You can find out about them by doing some career research.

We can provide you with more information on how the world of work will be changing in the future.


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