Case Study: John (Bury EST)

John was referred as he needed support to find a suitable job.  He has special needs and experiences high levels of anxiety on a day to day basis, particularly in relation to new people and situations and relies very much on reassurance from his family and adviser at Bury EST.  John was initially very concerned and apprehensive about engaging with Bury EST but with support and reassurance from his adviser he has been working on becoming more independent and less anxious.

John has been working with his adviser to increase his confidence and employability skills, with an aim to ultimately to find paid employment.  He has been supported by Bury EST to develop his independent travel skills.  John has undertaken several travel training sessions to Metrolink so that he can now make the journey to and from any workplace independently.

John’s confidence has grown considerably.  He is no longer as anxious as he was and has become more confident and talkative.  After undertaking several travel training sessions with Bury EST John now makes the journey to and from Bury EST independently and does not have to rely on his mother. John still requires some reassurance with tasks but not to the same extent as when he first started attending Bury EST.  John’s communication skills have improved and he has learnt how to work well within a team as well as on his own initiative.

John has achieved Level 2 in English and Level 1 in Maths.  He is currently doing the Advanced ECDL Course.  John has also recently passed his Theory Driving Test and will soon be taking his Practical Driving Test.

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