Career Coaching

Are you…

  •   Making those first important steps along your career path and not sure which way to go?
  •   Struggling to plan your next steps in employment, education or training?
  •   Thinking about changing your career direction?
  •   Wanting to put your talents and skills to good use?

Our qualified, skilled and empathetic Coaches will support you to select the right solutions with confidence by helping you to:

  •   Establish your goals
  •   Evaluate your situation
  •   Explore options
  •   Overcome perceived obstacles
  •   Commit to actions

We can offer a menu of individualised and motivating support including:

  •   Assessment of skills for work and life
  •   Appraisal of options supported by up to date labour market resources
  •   Career decision making
  •   Effective job search strategies
  •   Interviews and presentation rehearsal
  •    Career transitions management

My Coach was an Intelligent Mirror who gave me the opportunity to bounce ideas around

Fred Fortune, Careers Adviser, Career Connect

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