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Personal Statement

Write a little bit about yourself, keep it brief and in the third person; 3 or 4 lines is sufficient.
For example: Self-motivated with excellent organisational skills and time management having previously worked to meet specific deadlines.

Key Skills

Bullet point approximately 4 to 6 skills as short sentences with evidence.
For example: Computer literate having frequently used Excel, Word and PowerPoint packages.

Education & Qualifications

Begin with the most recent and work backwards. Keep it brief; name the qualification, institution, date and the grade.

Work / Employment History

Begin with the most recent and work backwards. Include the key facts, summarise the key responsibilities and your personal achievements. You could include voluntary work here, for example: assisting a charitable organisation / baby-sitting / assisting an elderly neighbour.

Hobbies and Interests

Write 2 or 3 lines about hobbies / interests. For example: I enjoy reading novels by J K Rowling. Provide any other information that may be usefully related to the position you are applying for.


Ensure you have at least 2 referees who know you well (not family or friends) who would be happy to give a reference on request.

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