Assessment Tools

Career Connect offers a range of diagnostic psychometric solutions which address career management and planning for your child.

The resulting assessment reports focus on key qualities which are consistently identified by employers as essential to successful recruitment and sustained employment; such as performance, wellbeing and the ability to make the transition into new and different roles.

  • Through a range of on line activities we can help your child learn how to:
  • Problem solve, recognise and begin to develop their own solutions
  • Make realistic and informed decisions about their next move
  • Raise their aspirations and focus on how to get there
  • Plan towards appropriate and successful transitions
  • Understand the importance of how they present themselves in a range of situations and how this is perceived by potential employers

Skill Explorer can empower your child to explore, identify, aspire and pursue employment matched to personal attributes

MTQ48 a high quality psychometric tool which determines levels of resilience and provides tips and techniques towards self-improvement

Carrus a provocative career management tool providing holistic assessment reports based on core abilities and personality factors.  Reports will help your child identify the qualities they should develop and demonstrate that will, prepare them for the world of work. 

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