On Tuesday 20th June 2017, we had our annual Career Connect conference at St. Helen’s Rugby League Club. Alongside some fantastic guest speakers, we had a special guest appearance from Britain’s greatest ever female gymnast, Beth Tweddle. 

Speaking to an already captivated audience, Beth gave us a very interesting presentation and video about her gymnastics career. While we already knew that she was an Olympic medal winner, we also learned that she was three times world gymnastics champion, six times European champion and seven times British national champion. Along with these achievements, she also won TV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ in 2013 – amazing!

Beth spoke about her determination to succeed and how her strong personal motivation has helped her, despite injury setbacks and issues with self-confidence.
Fascinated by her story, I stayed behind at lunchtime to get a more in-depth interview for the newsletter. Beth told me that she’s now a director of a company called Total Gymnastics, a company that promotes gymnastics as a sport and offers opportunities for children to take up gymnastics in schools, leisure centres and clubs around the UK.
From what she was saying, there are lots of common areas between what
she’s achieving in the sports industry, and what we do at Achieve. Her company helps young people to widen their horizons, just like we do with offenders. We discussed how important it was to utilise goal setting and measurements, but were in complete agreement about the need for a sturdy support network.

Overall, Beth’s presentation was fantastic. It gave great insights into how determination can help to overcome any obstacle, something that I feel would be amazing for our clients to hear in the
near future.

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